Little Blessings & Tykes have classes offered on Sunday Morning @ 10:30 & Wednesday Evenings @ 7:00.
CHAMPIONS FOR GOD! VBS every Sunday Morning at 10:30am and Class Wednesdays at 7pm. Click on Champs for more info...
JUST ABOUT GOD!! Every Wednesday evening at 7pm. Click on JAG for more info...
Turning completely over to God! Fun outings done throughout the year!
Womens Ministry at FWC looks to celebrate women of all ages, young and mature, and to bridge the gap for all generations! We are Women of Worship and with the Word as our foundation, we want to help every woman know God, His Word and the purpose for her life.
The mission of the Men's Ministry is to develop a mature disciple. We seek to encourage men to use their gifts in service to Christ out of a heart of love for God, in the home, the church and through out the world.
Mission Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of each month. We believe in outreach... As a church body, we sow monthly to reputable missions organizations and families all over the world to help them spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the nations God has called them to!